Destination…. G.Wav. | February 17, 2010

The Mona Lisa

A sign from the public convenience in G.Wav. Not sure what it's trying to say.

We hope you all tuned into SYN 90.7 this morning from 9-10am for some fun and frivolity in the RMIT studio.

In our power hour long show we featured our first of what will be a regular segment “Station to Station” in which we traipse around town [and out to the suburbs] microphone in hand to find out what’s really going on in the world’s most liveable city [well we were until Vancouver and Vienna kicked our butts].

This week we headed to the thriving hub that is Glen Waverley. Local boy and presenter Christian took us on an epic adventure giving us a thorough tour of his homeland.

After getting mystified by the automatic port-a-loo [sorry, public convenience] Christian with John in tow took to the streets to find out what makes Glen Waverley tick.

Unfortunately by 6pm most of the retail outlets in the Glen were closed prompting John [the city boy] to both confusion and irritation. Tired, hungry and out of options for the moment the boys did the only thing they could do in a crisis. They drank.

After sinking a beer they were back on their feet and ready to tackle round two of Glen Waverley or G.Wav as it is more affectionately known. As we began our search for dinner we were surprised to find that the restaurant we were after was booked out. Not faltering for a second Christian had an ace up his sleeve and whisked us away to another favourite location… Airstream.

Not a giant air hockey table as I soon found out rather disappointed but a restaurant more befitting of Brunswick St than G.Wav. After dinner and joined by co-host Juliet the kids hit the town ready to tackle the locals. Things started off well but before long the willing participants were dwindling and the boys had to turn to their girlfriends for inspiration.

And with that we said goodnight to G.Wav, confident not to return… Well except for Christian who has to return every week to visit his grandmother…

If there’s a suburb you’d like us to visit and review on “Station to Station” leave us a comment or send emails to!


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