About Us

Hi there!

Welcome to That’s Our Melbourne, a radio program  devoted to all things in the world’s most liveable city. Currently running on 90.7 SYN FM from 9-10am every Wednesday morning, we’re bringing you all the lastest news, music and entertainment we can scrounge up from the laneways and street corners. “We” are Christian Bizzarri, John Frankland and Juliet Ingram, two born and bred Melbournites and one transfer from the sunny coast of Queensland who couldn’t hack the heat and is much more at home in a sea of black jeans than bikinis and boardshorts.

After a successful stint hosting the Clappy Flakes Variety Hour Show, a throwback to the wonderful world of 1950s variety shows, we have stepped out of our characters and dared to reveal our real personalities on the soundwaves of SYN FM.

So please join us as we review, discover and dance through the rainy city streets of our [and your] Melbourne!

Contact us by sending emails to or you can post comments on this blog or our SYN page


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